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There are vast volumes of data on the web about corn snakes, their morphs, how to look after them, breed them and the solutions available when something isn't quite right. Which to trust is a conundrum. There is a difference between knowledge, information and opinion. Knowledge is only gained through experience, information can be gleaned from books, articles and research and opinion can be offered by anyone.

There are many online forums focusing on corn snakes, though there are few that are trustworthy simply because almost anyone can post an opinion and those opinions are rarely moderated. There are examples of poor practice becoming so highly circulated amongst unknowledgeable reptile keepers that they have started to become normal practice.

The links on this page lead to the sources of information and knowledgeable people's web sites that I have found to be generally trustworthy, useful and valuable. The forums listed here tend to have a sufficient volume of knowledgeable and researched members that any poor opinions are overwhelmed by better ones. As a rule, if I'm seeking advice or information, I'll ask questions in multiple forums and compare results; then I tend to research the background or foundation scientific reasoning behind the responses.

I have not included links to food sources. This is simply because they are many and varied in the way they operate. Some will supply excellent mice but the quality of delivery service is variable, others have variable quality on mice and delivery and some don't understand the notion of quality or customer service. There are many excellent businesses out there, and I'm not really in a position to judge which best suits your requirements. I will say that seeking references and recommendations from a wider source often leads to a small handful of reputable suppliers. I also add that, in my opinion, buying from the breeding source tends to be better than buying from pet shops (you never know if, or how often the mice have been partially defrosted by the time the shop sells them to you).

Where do I buy my equipment from? Many places. As with food, your choice may depend on factors that differ from mine. I adore exceptional customer service just as much as a low price; it's rare to find both and they're often variable. Google for an item, then decide which company offers the price, delivery and service terms that you want.

For critique, suggestions and advice, please email Simon's Snakes


General Advice Forums

The Source: An American forum and information site with a plethora of knowledgeable members.

Ian's Vivarium: A UK site including a forum with plenty of active knowledgeable corn snake keepers and breeders


Corn Snake Morph Identification

Ian's Vivarium: An excellent source of images and information to help identify and learn about corn snake morphs.

South Mountain Reptiles: An alphabetical list of many corn snake morphs, each entry linking to images and data.


Corn Snake Morph Genetics Calculators

The Corn Calculator: An easy-to-use interactive tool enabling users to input known genetic data and calculate potential breeding results. Results include links to image and data pages.

Corn Snake Morph Calculator: The most comprehensive interactive online calculator that I know of. Results link to images and data.


For critique, suggestions and advice, please email Simon's Snakes