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Each clutch laid by my corn snakes is usually larger than I want, as a hobby breeder, and, as yet, I've not figured out how to tell the mother to produce fewer eggs.

I sell my remainder once I'm happy that they're strong and healthy, and the income help towards the cost of food for those I keep. That helps me to continue my hobby and maintain high standards.

Occasionally I sell adults snakes. I have favourites which I'll never sell, and I have breeding adults, and also youngsters that I want to breed but as they get bigger I need more room. So some have to go.

I keep records for all my young snakes, so when you purchase one you get that record of their feeding and shedding since birth, or since I first acquired them. I encourage you to maintain those records as they say a lot about the quality of your attention to your snakes.

I provide text and email support for all my corn snake customers. I want to make sure that they remain healthy (keeper and snake) and I'm happy to advise as and when I can. Occasionally I can't answer a question, but I'll know someone who can.

If you have questions or want to purchase one of those corn snakes listed below, please email Simon's Snakes. Collection from Kendal, Cumbria or couriered at cost.

All images © Simon McElroy


Currently Available Corn Snakes



Hypo Diffused Corn Snake

This is a cute hypo plasma corn snake hatched in July 2016. Plasma is the name for diffused and lavender corn snakes, and this one also has teh hypo gene. He's looks much pinker than in the image and has a bright ruby eye.

Diffused Corn Snake

This is a beautiful diffused corn snake hatched in 2016.

The diffused gene dissipates the pattern on the flanks (seen clearly in this image), clears the belly leaving it bright white apart from lateral colour-bleeds from the flanks (here's for an image of a young diffused corn snake belly)

Diffused corn snake: £45

Plasma corn snake

Plasma Corn Snake Hatchling

This is a very pretty deeply-coloured plasma corn snake hatchling. She hatched in June 2016.

Plasma is a combination of the lavender gene which produces this unusual mauve hue, and the diffused gene which dissipates the lateral pattern and clears the belly chequers.

Plasma corn snake: £45

Tessera Corn Snake

This is an uncommon female tessera corn snake, hatched in June 2016, with a perfect pixelated stripe along the back and the classic aztec-style lateral pattern.

Most tesseras hatch with anomalous patterns displaying broken stripe, dot-dash stripes or missing pixelations in the characteristic dorsal stripe.

Female tessera corn snake: £Offers

Female tessera corn snake with a perfect dorsal stripe
Amel motley-stripe cporn snake hatchling

Amel Motley-Stripe Corn Snake

Hatched in June 2016 this is a beautiful amel motley-stripe corn snake. The amelanistic gene has removed all the black pigment leaving just the oranges which are combinations of the red and yellow pigments.

Mother: Stripe

Father: Fire het motley, lavender, anery

Amel motley-stripe corn snake: £40

Hypo Corn Snake

Hatched in 2014 this is a hypo corn snake.

Mother: Hypo het motley anery.

Father: Carolina

Hypo corn snake: £35

Hypo Tessera Corn Snake

Hatched in 2014 this is a hypo tessera corn snake.

Mother: Tessera.

Father: Motley ghost (motley, anery, hypo).

Hypo tessera corn snake: £55

Hypo Plasma Corn Snake

Hatched in july 2016 this is a beautiful hypo plasma corn snake hatchling. Plasma is a combination of the lavender and diffused genes. The hypomelanistic gene reduces the black pigment and reduces the characteristic purple hue of the lavender gene.

Mother: Diffused het lavender, hypo.

Father: Fire het lavender, hypo.

Hypo plasma corn snake: £75

Anery Tessera Corn Snake

This is an especially high contrast anery tessera with a perfect dorsal stripe hatched in June 2014 from a tessera mother and motley ghost father confirming that the tessera is het anery.

Mother: Tessera het anery, hypo.

Father: Motley ghost (motley, anery, hypo).

2014 anery tessera (perfect stripe) corn snake: £Offers

Anery Corn Snake

Anery cporn snakes don't have the ability to generate red pigment (erythrin) so their shades are made up of blacks and silvery greys with varying degrees of yellow pigment (xanthin) most distictly back along the flanks from the cheeks. The most spectacular anerys are towards the black and white end of the scale with bright yellow extending far along the flanks.


2015 female anery corn snake: £45

Normal (aka wild type) Corn Snake

This is a handsome normal corn snake, sometimes called "wild type" as these colours and patterns are those found mostly in the wild. This chap hatched in 2016.

Mother: high contrast normal

Father: Fire, het lavender hypo

2016 normal corn snake: £25.


Tessera Corn Snake

This is a tessera corn snake hatched in 2016. The tessera gene is one of four known dominant genes that present pixelated stripes along the back and upper-flanks with an Aztec-type lateral pattern.

Mother: Tessera het hypo anery

Father: Masque het anery

2016 Tessera corn snake: £40


Caramel Corn Snake

This is a beautiful richly-coloured caramel hatchling from a clutch hatched in July 2014.

Mother: Caramel

Father: Butter Motley

2014 caramel het amel motley corn snake: £40

Normal (aka wild type) Corn Snake

This is a lovely example of a male normal corn snake. He's vibrantly coloured and exceptionally calm and tolerant.

He's showing the classic corn snake colours of dark orange, lighter tan background and the black outline around the saddles.His belly is white with black chequers. He has the classic smoky stripe along the sides of his back.

2013 male normal corn snake: £35

For sale: Amelanistic male adult corn snake CB06

Mature Adult Amel Corn Snake

This is Mojave. He's a proven mature male amelanistic corn snake with impeccably placid behaviour.

The amelanistic gene removes the black pigment completely leaving oranges (a combination of the red pigment, erythrin, and xanthin, the yellow pigment, surrounded by white borders.

Amels present a wide variety of patterns, some with high white borders round the saddles, some, like Mo, with intense oranges and very little white. The belly has very feint light orange chequers.

2006 male amelanistic corn snake: £30



That's all for now, thanks for viewing. If you have questions, please email Simon's Snakes