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Simons Snakes specialise solely in corn snakes (Colubridae: Pantherophis Guttatus Guttatus), native to the north American continent and their natural range spreads from New Jersey in the north to Mexico in the south. They are non-venomous, placid and relatively tolerant of humans, especially when kept in optimal conditions in captivity.

Captive bred corn snakes are available in many different colours, each showing the distinctive patternation and colouration attributable to a particular genetic morph. The image above is of an amelanistic corn snake (one that has no black pigment in the skin). The most commonly available corn snakes are called "normal" or "wild type" corn snakes.

It has been suggested that corn snakes are the mostly widely kept reptile and there are certainly many thousands of keepers in the UK. Corn snakes make excellent pets, requiring little effort and being relatively resilient to ailments. They can live for over 20 years in captivity.

The chance of being bitten by a corn snake is very small if kept and handled calmly and respectfully. Corn snakes will develop an awareness and recognition of the scent of their keeper and rapidly develop trust, though speed of movement when handling is a key factor in developing this trust - rapid movement by the keeper will prevent the snake from relaxing whilst being handled and a snake "on edge" is less likely to tolerate being handled. Handling a corn snake should be a calm and relaxed experience for both the snake and the handler; I suspect that this is not only healthy for the snake, but also for the keeper.

Corn snakes are often the first snake to be handled by a novice, and their tolerant nature is an exceptional advantage for those who are nervous about handling. Corn snakes make an ideal first snake for anyone interested in a snake as a pet and are excellent educational specimens, whether for familiarity and interest, or for scientific education such as the study of genetics or evolutionary development.

For those wishing to dispel a fear of snakes, corn snakes are a superb first up-close encounter and, with the support of an experienced handler, will rapidly help to diminish irrational fear.

Simon is a hobby-breeder/keeper of corn snakes, based in Cumbria, UK who has been keeping corn snakes for five years, breeding for three, and now has a collection of approximately 70-80 snakes. The Corn Snake Gallery page shows a small sample of the collection.

For those interested in a corn snake, the Corn Snakes For Sale page gives details of those available though please email for further details. Viewing before buying a corn snake is essential for all but the most experienced keepers.

Email or text support is available to all Simon's corn snakes keepers, though our Corn Snake Care Sheet should provide most of the information you require to look after your snake so that it remains healthy.

There's a wealth of information about corn snakes available online and our Corn Snake Resources page provides some links to our preferred sources of trustworthy information. Beware online forums; whilst there are many experienced keepers and breeders out there, there are also many inexperienced people who are happy to provide false, un-researched information. There are links to some trustworthy forums on our resource page.

Finally on our Downloads page there are copies of our Corn Snake Care Sheet and Corn Snake record Sheet in .doc format.